Plays The vicar

Bryan Ferriman

Bryan remembers auditioning at the age of 16 for the school play and being lucky enough to get a small part. The play was to be directed by an old boy of the school with time on his hands. If memory serves him well he thinks said ‘old boy’ was called Ronnie Barker. Wonder what happened to him.

Moving on, he was credited as Oxfordshire’s ‘best actor’ of 1962 by some blind, deaf cretin working for The Oxford Mail. Undeterred he has, over the years, done well over a hundred plays here and there and remembers having a shot at playing ‘Sir’ in the Scottish play in New Jersey. A local radio station wondered why he had attempted a Limey accent and been so bad at it.

After making a fool of himself on CBBC as Mr. Posh in ‘Brum’ he further humiliated himself by making strange noises for honest folk trying to produce video games. Time has not been kind and he now finds himself working for Two Hats films. Ho! Hum!

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