Plays John Smith (The man who would be Lear)

Jem’s portfolio features many of the classical roles (excepting Lear) and he has performed a legendary number of modern parts by writers including Chekhov, Wilde, Brecht, Coward, Pinter et al. He has appeared in musicals with the Queens Theatre Company at the Belgrade Theatre, the Coventry Operatic Society at the Coventry Theatre (now a Museum), in the Mystery Cycle under the late E Martin Browne in the Cathedral Ruins at Coventry and in porch plays on the steps on the new Cathedral.

He starred in Bob Collingridge’s opening production at the Loft Theatre and has been a regular performer at the Priory and Talisman Theatres at Kenilworth, appearing in the grounds of Kenilworth Castle. He toured in Germany with Bill Wilkinson’s Company and appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in a Gordon Vallins production.

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